Canada HealthLabs (CHL) provides COVID-19 testing for travel, screening for conferences and events, and workplace surveillance testing. Individual assurance testing is also available for individuals and families who need to know they’re virus free and not putting others at risk.

CHL was created in 2020 by community-minded business and healthcare leaders with expertise in lab testing, public health, and civic leadership. CHL is focused on supporting the reopening of the Canadian economy, by providing essential COVID-19 testing services.

Canada HealthLabs and its partners provide leading-edge health surveillance testing technologies and protocols to support safe and responsible travel, workplaces, and communities. These solutions are delivered using the latest advancements in digital technologies, supported by the latest public health guidelines and practices.

Canada HealthLabs serves individuals, companies, event and conference organizers, and industry organizations.

CHL provides competitive prices, extremely fast turnaround time, and high-quality service delivery.