A Made-in-Canada Solution to COVID-19 Testing

Canada HealthLabs (CHL) is committed to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic - and future viral threats - through made-in-Canada testing solutions that help keep Canadians safe and the economy moving.

CHL is working to fill Canada's current gap in pandemic testing capacity through a Canada-wide network of new labs performing COVID-19 testing. This innovative approach is supported by Canadian business leaders, who share the goal of keeping the economy open.

CHL is also providing a national platform for the evaluation and deployment of novel tests and technologies, while providing impartial, data-driven research.

CHL is proud to be working with physicians, researchers and universities across the country to make a difference in the fight against COVID-19.

The Latest

CHL's COVID-19 Testing Solution
Canada HealthLabs' mission is to provide COVID-19 testing to Canadians. We have the solution Canada needs right now.

CHL and Point of Care Testing
Canada HealthLabs provides a national platform for the evaluation and deployment of novel COVID-19 tests and technologies, such as antigen and antibody tests. We will study, validate and adopt any new test technology that keeps Canadians safe and the economy open.