Increase your guests' confidence and safety with a complete COVID-19 event plan from Canada HealthLabs.

A custom on-site testing solution will help you quickly cover booking, registration, and attendance confirmation and reporting.

CHL makes it safe and convenient for you and your guests, so you can focus on making your event amazing!

CHL's online registration, appointment booking, and results reporting will meet the needs of your event planning team and attendees. CHL's proven solutions get attendees into the event quickly and with minimal disruption to event flow.

CHL works with event managers to make conferences, concerts, and other large gatherings safe and compliant with corporate and public health policies.

Event experts will help assess your needs and build a customized solution for pre-event test appointment booking, onsite rapid tests, and PCR tests for international travellers, all supported by online registration and results reporting. CHL can also collect vaccination status, and confirm which attendees will require tests for entry or to comply with venue policies.

CHL can help keep your staff and attendees safe with the latest testing and reporting technologies and practices, to ensure the success of your conference, concert, or large meeting event.

To find out about CHL's customized testing solutions for employers and event organizers, please email us at