A workplace testing plan will keep employees and customers safe and reduce enterprise risk. CHL can help you choose the right test options and monitoring tools for your plan. CHL's digital testing management and reporting will help maintain employee support and customer trust.

Unlike other PCR testing providers, CHL is able to reduce high capital costs by leveraging a network of licensed lab facilities to provide fast and cost-effective turnaround times to meet clients’ needs. This enables CHL to offer PCR testing at prices lower than most other lab service providers, and with faster turnaround times. Our PCR test results are available within 12-18 hours after sample collection.

CHL's PCR sample collection kits use highly accurate, non-invasive oral and nasal swabs, and are not at all like the highly-invasive nasopharyngeal swabs used by many public health assessment centres. CHL sample kits are designed for self-collection, meaning individuals collect their own sample by following simple collection instructions. This reduces the cost and time to complete the test.

CHL rapid antigen testing is ideal for cost-effective employee screening, and customized programs can be developed to meet every employer’s need. Our fully digital patient portal allows for quick and easy registration and results reporting, and employers receive regular aggregate results reporting on testing activity volumes.

Workplace testing is supported by online registration and real-time results reporting, so employees can enter the workplace with confidence, and employers can track performance.

Enterprise-wide reporting allows organizations to quickly trigger the appropriate response to protect employees, customers, and the community in the event of a positive test result.

CHL testing programs support corporate testing policies, including regular testing for unvaccinated or exempt staff, general workplace screening, and special events testing.

To find out about CHL's subscription and customized testing solutions for employers, please email us at